Greater Water Supply Project

Greater Water Supply Project

On 30 October 20022, in Muzaffarabad, Pakistan, GPAH team inaugurated the Greater Water Supply Project to provide clean water to a total of 5,000 households.

To help the residents of Muzaffarabad in getting clean drinking water, the Team of Global Peace And Harmony travelled from all over the world to Muzaffarabad to inaugurate the “Greater Water Supply Project Danna to Dhan Gali, Muzaffarabad”. This project, once completed, will provide clean drinking water to around 5,000 households in Muzaffarabad. The total cost for this project is around £282,426.11 or PKR 70,000,000.

GPAH is a global humanitarian aid organisation working to improve our society by advocating for the rights of every individual. They have a long list of philanthropic achievements to their credit. The GPAH team is dispersed over the globe, providing aid to people in need.

Recently, many viral diseases have been spreading in Pakistan and to find out the cause, a research was undertaken to determine the degree of contamination in the drinking water. Muzaffarabad, AJK, was found to have the most polluted drinking water sources, according to the data. More than 77% of the water sources in the area were contaminated.

One of the most prevalent disease in the area of AJK is Hepatitis. Hepatitis B and C are seen as a serious threat to humanity worldwide. Both in developing and industrialised nations, hepatitis is a serious viral illness that affects a sizable percentage of the population. Because of factors including poverty and illiteracy, Hepatitis B and C are a particularly serious problem in developing nations like Pakistan. The rate of Hepatitis B and C in Pakistan is quite high, particularly Muzaffarabad.

As the city with the highest HBV prevalence in Pakistan, Muzaffarabad, AJK, has an estimated prevalence of 30.03–33.03. The contamination of drinking water supplies is a key contributor to the spread of this disease.

In order to aid the citizens of Kashmir, the GPAH team decided to build a clean water plant in Muzaffarabad, which would provide the locals with clean drinking water, therefore aiding them in their fight against infectious illnesses.

In order to discuss the present situation in Kashmir and devise a strategy to aid the locals, the whole team of GPAH from across the globe agreed to travel to Pakistan and meet at the Serena Hotel in Islamabad. This included the Chairman GPAH, Muhammad Munir Malik, and the CEO GPAH, Amira Shah, from London.

In addition to the Greater Water Supply Project from Danna to Dhan Gali in Muzaffarabad, the meeting resulted in the approval of two other projects, which are as follows:

  • E-Pharmacy
  • Hospital

At this meeting the importance of clean environment and safe drinking water was reiterated, and everyone present their committed to do everything they can to aid the residents of Muzaffarabad in leading a healthy life.

The day after finalising all their strategy at Serena Hotel, Islamabad, the GPAH team decided to visit the area to assess the health of the local population and determine the next steps accordingly.

The whole GPAH team departed Islamabad for Muzaffarabad on a long journey of around 132 kilometres, both for the inauguration of the Water Supply Project as well as to check the area’s environmental condition themselves. 

An enthusiastic crowd was waiting for the GPAH team when they finally arrived in Muzaffarabad after a long trip. In gratitude for the team’s efforts in making the journey to AJK, they presented them with flowers and warm words. The residents of Muzaffarabad looked to the GPAH team as saviours since they understood that the town’s future will improve because to the organization’s efforts.

Residents had organised a welcoming ceremony for the GPAH team members in order to express their appreciation for their hard work and to also share their concerns. A few people in the crowd went up to the microphone and expressed their appreciation to the GPAH team while also detailing the enormous challenges they face owing to the poor quality of healthcare in their town.

The chairman of GPAH, Muhammad Munir Malik, also spoke to the crowd, thanking them for their hospitality and explaining the event’s purpose.

“The people of Muzaffarabad have been really welcoming, and I appreciate all the support. Human welfare has always been a top priority for GPAH. Indeed, this is why we have gathered here today. Hearing about Muzaffarabad’s shortage of clean drinking water prompted us to do something about it. As you may have been aware, we have started the “Greater Water Supply Project from Danna to Dhan Gali” here in Muzaffarabad. Because of this project, 5,000 households will have access to clean water, which will greatly enhance the local health condition”

“Following the completion of this project,” he said, “we have many more projects in the pipeline for the people of AJK, including a hospital,” to which the crowd exploded in applause.

The day’s primary event, the on-site opening of the “Greater Water Supply Project from Danna to Dhan Gali,” followed the welcoming ceremony. Muhammad Munir Malik, the chairman of GPAH, performed the project’s formal inauguration. At the conclusion of the event, everyone prayed for the project’s success and the wellbeing of the local community. This initiative will save the lives of around 5,000 families who have been drinking contaminated water for an unknown period of time.


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