We are of the belief that the present hostility in many parts of the world relate to different perspectives and beliefs for coexistence, religion, nationalism, lack of sustainable development in every field at all levels, with neglect of social responsibility being topmost.

In our endeavors for peace and harmony, it is our hope that we will see end of clash of interests in human development, faith and national goals of individual nations, and people with existing real differences.

It is important to recognize these differences and aim for a sustained effort to bring people closer to each other, irrespective of their beliefs, advancement or backwardness in social and physical development.

We believe that the people working together, without trampling on each other’s traditions and ethics as enshrined in their faiths and laws will achieve peace among themselves and in the known world.

It is imperative that all violence, war and conflict in the name of resource attainment must end. The Earth belongs to every human being, who need the resources of Mother Earth for survival of the Human Race.

We intend to work for a proper civilized approach, with respect and understanding of each other’s cultural practices in a sustainable human development effort with the goal of achieving peace and harmony among local and international communities.

Misinterpretations need to be removed in order to build a sustained environment for keeping peace at the community level and in the world. All strife between humankind must end. Peace has been advised for this world and promised in the next world too. Let us fulfill these goals.

GPAH aims to achieve the above goals along with all like-minded groups of people in any place and with the state administration and bodies, relentlessly using all resources in hand.

Aims / Objectives

Peace Initiative

A human being comes to this world with the innocence of love and goodwill for all creatures, especially with fellow humans. A relationship which is as natural as breathing fresh air. Every human being is considered as one’s own family. The home provides the first physical aspect of keeping and developing a relationship based on love, altruism and sharing.

Peace at home is the responsibility of each member of the household, with the elders leading and keeping fraternal ties between everyone and it is the responsibility of others to prove the usefulness to one-another. From here begins the journey of peace and harmony for everyone stepping out in the world.

It is therefore, incumbent on every soul to seek peace with themselves and others around them. Every endeavor needs the energy of soul and body to ensure the continuity of the Human Race by ensuring a fair and equitable opportunity with an effort to sustain a life of harmony and reciprocity with others to sustain success and happiness.

For GPAH, we aim to complement the energies of every person, high or low to achieve a world of harmonious living with sharing and contributing to each other’s dreams and goals of a life, which has meaning and is all-encompassing, nourishing and without any shortfall in its scope and result.

GPAH has taken upon itself the task to spread the word of a life where peace has replaced violence and agitation and has forever buried in the mind the idea of war and destruction to the human life and environment.

Interfaith Harmony

Mankind has had problems to survive without faith. Unfortunately, no endorsement of this important aspect has ever been reached over the ages. Resulting in conflict of ideas and thoughts between adherents of other religions, ending in intolerance, hatred, tense inter-group relations, violence and suffering.

Characteristically, most religions of all hues and types are classified as violent, intolerant, oppressive, obscurantist and opposed to enlightenment.
In a multicultural society where different cultures and religions are practiced, everyone needs to integrate with others in society for it to function and survive.
The idea of religious liberty and tolerance is a new issue in the modern world, while in the past it has always been the practice for many others as given in their religion.

We believe in the principles of religious coexistence and establishment of peaceful environment among all faiths in society. We suggest; logical debate and discussion, understand the belief that there is no compulsion in religion, that all religions of the Abrahamic Faith are of one school of thought, have common goals, are monotheistic, are committed to justice, and accountability to God, are the basis of great world civilizations.

We consider all divine religions as different grades of one thought. Each religion is the confirmation of the previous one, prescribed to complete its teachings. Therefore, there is no dichotomy in belief among religions of the world.

To achieve living in peace and harmony among people of different cultures and religions, we advocate the principle of justice and righteousness for all. We encourage everyone to be kind and just with everyone.

To ensure living in harmony, irrespective of their culture and faith, every citizen should enjoy equal rights for Social Security. The State should cover basic expenditures even if they are old or unable to work.

Every society must provide social justice to all its people as it is one of the major purposes of religion and must be followed as enshrined in each religion for its followers in every society.

We must not forget our neighbour. As interfaith harmony and multiculturalism emphasizes goodwill and peace among neighbours, it will only succeed when we develop our neighbourhoods as one integrated, homogenous community. Let everyone practice their own religion and lifestyles within the privacy of their homes and premises.

Role of Women

Whether it be for the political, ideological, or natural reasons, today every being, especially women are suffering from lack of inclusiveness, deprivation and being treated unfairly, thus rendering themselves to human failure in addressing the concerns of multitudes of people suffering from exploitation.

GPAH intends to cover this gap, between technical advancement and the sad human plight by revisiting the values of love and harmony at home, through a renaissance of highlighting the importance of culture and tradition teaching at home and in institutions of learning in every society and nation.

GPAH wants to emphasize on every nation to provide their women a major role in political decision making. For this purpose, GPAH will project a compulsory subject of public administration, political affairs and international relations for the girls to study from the middle school onwards.

GPAH recognizes that the role of women, who keep peace at home, cannot be underemphasized in bringing peace to the world. Women must be given their due share in drafting international treaties between nations in conflict.


Human Rights

Today’s world may be the first time in human history that human rights is at its lowest level.

The subject and its pathetic reasoning is vast and covers all dimensions of politics, ideology, corruption, economic deprivation, human smuggling, wars, and the mafias of all sorts.

All these are due to lack of human solidarity, universal brotherhood and goodwill.

For GPAH the end to the flouting of human rights is a challenge which it will boldly undertake. We will overcome the egoists, and gods of materialism with the help of existing altruism in every society and nation.

Human rights of all genders, whether they are fundamental, religious or economic, is a right since birth and cannot be denied.

GPAH shall rebound the bearers of human abuse by taking legal action against them and by making strong bonds with the sufferers.

Children Security

Lives of children matter. The responsibility is not only that of the parents, but that of the whole community and society , to make unrelenting efforts and work as a group to make sure that children are brought up in an ambiance of goodwill, security and respect for human values.

Surroundings of a child are normally blamed for a child to go astray. Parents are held responsible too. Some disagree with this logic; however, in most cases, only the parents are blamed, while in reality the child may be going off the track for many other reasons. The human mind and condition is very complicated, and for a child who is yet to understand the vicissitudes of life, he or she is at a loss.

Some very practical and humane measures must be taken to correct behaviour of the children. It is necessary to recognize and hold ourselves accountable for children’s upbringing and grooming, till the time they attain maturity.

Children have a right to life, a family, a name, being looked after appropriately, have basic education, be taught good values of society, to be treated with respect and grace. Parents must be a model of good behaviour for their children.

Children should not be exposed to violence, war, cruelty, crime and imprisonment. It is responsibility of society and community to work together and imbue the spirit of the best social, moral and human values- the values which are followed by a well-developed society based on the knowledge and exemplary behaviour, in our children.

Role of Youth

Youth, as always, is a major intellectual and physical force which can play a dynamic role in the development of society and nation.

Their role cannot be underestimated as they play an important role for positive change in any society. It is necessary that at this stage of their lives, they are imparted the right knowledge and guidance to be responsible adults and to become meaningful and useful community members of their societies, as they are talented and have the energy for being effective and successful.

In the time of youthful days, life is full of hope, with a sense of goals, achievements.

In many societies, the youth is suffering from poor relationships, mainly due to being neglected by family and society.

These are the concerns which must be addressed by parents, academics and society at large. A sustained effort is needed to overcome this deficit in the lives of today’s youth. It can be achieved by repossessing of family values, rebuilding the communities at grassroot level and sharing with each other the feelings of happiness, sorrow as well as the ups and downs of life as it moves along.

Inequality between people and groups who live together in particularly poor regions is one main reason for youth to go astray and become a liability to their families and society.


GPAH in order to achieve its mission has prepared a Mission Plan to be adopted to develop the ground for launching its campaign for peace and harmony all around the world.

GPAH shall begin implementation of its Mission Plan from its home base in the UK. A team of local and international persons will be working virtually and on the ground from the UK.

GPAH Mission Plan:

Orientation of Stakeholders, which will include all those involved to undertake and organise, arrange, and manage the projection of universal peace. Briefing sessions would be taking place in different regions from time to time to organise seminars, workshops and talk shows with all and sundry who join the GPAH efforts. Data Acquisition Plan, in which a primary survey would be conducted, to gather information on present state and status of thinking on peace and conflict resolution which shall determine the size and volume of effort to be planned and launched to meet the targets set by GPAH in the region. Every effort to be made for research studies, involving official and private consultants. Inputs will be gathered from the internet.


Tools for Implementation

The world is now interconnected with every conceivable form of communication to sustain society and its economy. These very technical and material capabilities have brought all the comforts that the human mind can think of to live a life of fulfillment, within everyone’s reach. The world has become a global village, however, realistically speaking the comforts of technological advancement has not enhanced the condition of the human soul and body to exist in perfect harmony with its surrounding human and natural environment. Thereby, Peace is an elusive goal for both, the weak and powerful.