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Amira Shah
Amira Shah, the visionary founder and director of GPAH organization, is a distinguished entrepreneur with a robust background in finance. She earned her M. Phil in Investment Banking from the prestigious University of Gloucestershire in London, showcasing her commitment to academic excellence. With a wealth of experience spanning several years, Amira has dedicated herself to serving in various capacities within government, non-governmental, and international charitable organizations across Pakistan, Europe, and the United Kingdom. Her multifaceted contributions have left a positive impact on diverse communities and underscore her passion for making a difference. Currently, Amira Shah is at the helm of a healthcare organization operating in different cities across the United Kingdom and Pakistan. This initiative operates in collaboration with the esteemed NHS (National Health Service) UK, highlighting her commitment to delivering high-quality healthcare services to communities. Through her leadership, Amira continues to bridge gaps in healthcare accessibility and contribute to the well-being of individuals in the United Kingdom and Pakistan. Same model of health services in Pakistan as well.