London Conference

Global Peace And Harmony ( GPAH), in collaboration with Jinnah International Law Group( GILG) have arranged a 5-day seminar. The conference, held on 2nd January, has acclaimed immense success! The multi-provincial Pakistani participants, coming from humble backgrounds and remote areas of Pindi Bhattian and Gujranwala were mixed, and represented Excellent lawyers and legists who were still unknown, even if they are well established in the High and Supreme Courts. The Objective was: First : that they are initiated into valuable modern techniques of imparting speedy justice. Second, to introduce a corruption ridden society, including the bureaucrats, police, land-mafia, and welfare organisations, thus giving relief to the Politically Injustice Dominated Public, who have NO Angel to defend them, but our own Illuminated Intellectuals, who are still unknown, by inculcating Good Values and Good-Will! They along with the public were delighted. All their UK expenses were borne by the London Organisations; as well as sponsoring and actualising their Visa and Ministerial Requirements, in both countries. This first Initiation will encourage their colleagues, to learn from well-established world systems and to apply that in Pakistan and also teaching their friends and associates that justice should be done and be seen done. Further exchange visits are under preparation.