National Institute for Handicapped

GPAH , also helped the wheel-chair users to establish small businesses, like grocery shops in their homes, or sometimes in the nearest local market. Furthermore, we helped our special girls by opening small businesses for them where they started generating some income, to maintain their dignity and self-respect. Simultaneously, we had different kinds of Trauma cases, where handicapped girls had even tried to commit suicide, because of harassment or abuse:, even the family members were unwilling to help or believe these victimised girls. I myself have witnessed many handicapped women, men and other elderly people, lying on beds since years, without a wheel-chair; leading to extreme hygienic/medical issues. They had bed sours or various body infections, but were unable to visit doctors, due to the lack of financial resources. Families couldn’t transport these special people anywhere; thus they become worse day by day, and often ended up in extremely unbearable situations. We tried our best to transport these incapacitated, to the National Institute For Handicapped, G/8 Islamabad. After getting them operated upon, we provided wheel-chairs, and subsequently, some small sized home based business, as grocery shops, envelope- making or boxes for local shops. So, in a lapse of 5 to 6 years, we helped a lot of special persons in need.